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Joined Cupboard

Attributed to the Harvard College Joiners (1638-1752)

The cupboard has the tradition of belonging to Gregory Stone of Cambridge, and is recognized as the key monument of a group of six cupboards from the same shop tradition. Stone’s cupboard is attributed to one of three successive Harvard College joiners, each of whom is thought to have apprenticed with his predecessor. The first college joiner was John Taylor, one of many woodworkers who helped to build the college buildings in the 1630s and 1640s. The second was John Palfrey (working 1664-1689) and the third was Zachariah Hicks, Jr. (1651-1752), who took on many public building projects in Cambridge besides his college work.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1670-1700
Red oak, white pine, sugar maple
Gifted by:
Cummings E. Davis (1886) F113