Incorporating Concord: Family Activity

Drop by the Museum to celebrate the history of Concord’s incorporation as a town! Families can participate in activities that explore life and craft in the era of 1600s Concord.... View Article

Henry David Thoreau Gallery Talk

Tour the heart of the Concord Museum’s collection of objects used and made by Henry David Thoreau in the newly designed gallery, which displays more Thoreau objects than have previously... View Article

Celebrate Concord Community Day

Meet baby lambs and a fluffy angora rabbit outside of the Museum. Watch as their wool and fur are carded and spun into fine yarn and see a master weaver... View Article

Mill Brook Walking Tour

Follow the Mill Brook with a Museum guide into Concord’s town center where, in the early 1800s, the Milldam was a bustling business district occupied by craftspeople, tradesmen, and other... View Article

Getting a Living Gallery Talk

Learn about Concord’s early industry and see the clocks, silver, furniture, ceramics, and guns that the craftspeople of Concord made and sold on the Milldam in early 1800s Concord. Free... View Article

Celebrate Concord Community Day

“I haven’t a man who is afraid to go!” The Acton Minutemen mustered and marched to the North Bridge on the morning of April 19, 1775 where, under the leadership... View Article

Incorporating Concord Gallery Talk

See Concord in the 1600s when it became colonial New England’s first inland town as we mark the day when the Massachusetts Bay Colony authorities granted permission for a “plantation”... View Article

Louis Menand on The Free World

Thank you for tuning into our program! Please submit your questions to the speakers through the chat on YouTube. Louis Menand, Harvard Professor, New Yorker staff writer, and Pulitzer-Prize... View Article