Mindfulness in Art

A two-part mindfulness program in partnership with Be Well Be Here starts with a guided mindfulness session in the special exhibition Alive with Birds: William Brewster in Concord.  Be Well... View Article

Antislavery Walking Tour – Full!

This program is full. Please join us for another program this June! Coinciding with the celebration of Juneteenth, join us for a walking tour introducing participants to the Concord women... View Article

27th Annual Golf Tournament

Get ready for a full day of fun and fresh air at the renowned Concord Country Club! The Concord Museum Golf Tournament is a highly anticipated annual event organized by... View Article

Sketching Workshop with Live Songbirds

Just as William Brewster put down his gun to study living birds, in this workshop, students will trade-in photographs for living songbirds to inspire their art.  After touring the exhibit... View Article

The Future of Our Democracy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pXiNHs3mFI As debates rage over which rights are guaranteed by the Constitution— join E.J. Dionne, Randall Kennedy, Renee Loth, and John Shattuck in a spirited discussion of the challenges facing... View Article

Mindfulness in Nature

This program is full.  Please consider participating in another program this summer. In partnership with Be Well Be Here, join us for a walk and activity at Mass Audubon Brewster’s... View Article

A Conversation with Bill McKibben

In his new book—The Flag, The Cross, and The Station Wagon —award-winning author, activist, and educator, Bill McKibben looks back at his adolescent years growing up in Lexington where he... View Article

A Walk in Thoreau’s Concord

This program is full. Please join us for another program this summer! Henry David Thoreau is known for the two years he spent living at Walden Pond.  Did you know... View Article

The Birds: Outdoor Film Screening

Hitchcock’s terrifying and memorable masterpiece The Birds exemplifies how birds have made their way into all aspects of the human experience, including art and culture.  While the special exhibition Alive... View Article