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April Vacation Week Animal Adventures!

April 16, 2019 — April 20, 2019


Tuesday, April 16 through Saturday, April 20 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

(Museum closed Easter Sunday, April 21)


Animal Adventures at the Concord Museum

From prehistoric mastodons to the Concord Town Cow, animals shape and reflect the history of the people of Concord.  Be inspired by the furry, feathered, and fluffy creatures wild, tame, and magical that roam our town.  Explore the history of Concord through animals in the Concord Museum’s Rasmussen Education Center this April Vacation Week!



Family Animal Tours

11:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. daily (canceled Tuesday 11:00 A.M), meet in the Churchill and Janet Franklin Lyceum

Get out your binoculars!  We’re going on a history hunt and we’re not going to stop until we find every creature hidden in the galleries.  Tours are 20 minutes.  All ages welcome.


Collection Management Highlight

1:30 P.M. Wednesday and Friday, Sally Lanagan Classroom

What do you do when there are termites in eighteenth-century wooden furniture? Has a mouse ever scurried through collection storage?  Talks are 15 minutes.  All ages welcome.


Colonial Butter Churning

On-going Tuesday and Thursday, Deysher Family Classroom

How was butter made in 18th century Concord?  What animal did you need on your farm to make delicious fresh butter?  Meet someone from Colonial Concord and try your hand at churning butter from heavy cream.


Fireside Story Time: Mysteries of Walden Woods

11:30 and 2:30 P.M. Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, Deysher Family Classroom

What magical creatures did Henry David Thoreau and his young companion Louisa May Alcott find on their walks through the forests of Concord?  Sit by the roaring colonial hearth and hear stories written by Louisa May Alcott of the magical creatures that you might find on your next nature walk.  Listen carefully and look closely and you might find clues left by fairies!  Stay for one story or for the full 30 minutes.  All ages welcome.


Spinning Wool with Cluck and Baa Farms

On-going Friday, with related art-making activity, Rasmussen Education Center Patio (weather dependent).

Meet the Angor Rabbits whose fluffy fur transforms into cozy clothes.  Work with a master weaver through the process of making fabric from carding to spinning to weaving on a loom. All ages welcome.


Hands-On Stone Tools

On-going daily, Musketaquid Gallery

What animals were in Concord 1,000 years ago?  What about 10,000 years ago? Hold real stone tools and figure out how the people of Musketaquid lived and used animals to help their culture thrive. All ages welcome.


Animal Skin and Animal Fur

On-going daily, Sally Lanagan Classroom

When English colonists came to Concord for the first time, they met animals and people that they had never seen before.  The colonists brought farm animals on their boats all the way from England, which were new and unusual to the native people who had lived in this area for thousands of years.  The different ways these two cultures used very different animals sometimes led to trade and friendship but sometimes caused misunderstanding and conflict.  Touch and hold Native American and English objects to find the similarities, differences, and opportunities for trade between the two cultures. All ages welcome.


April 16
April 20