Citizen Science

Be Thoreau! For years, people in Concord have been collecting data and observing the natural world just like Henry Thoreau. You can do this too by becoming a Citizen Scientist.  Citizen Science happens when amateur or nonprofessional scientists get involved in collecting scientific data.

Whether you observe when the birds come back in the spring, when the first green shoots appear in your garden, or measure the snowfall each winter, it’s easy to become a citizen scientist. Simply head out to a park in your local area or your own backyard and start observing. You can photograph, collect samples, or keep a journal of the plants and animals that you see.

Residents and visitors of Concord—and everywhere—can contribute to the growing body of research by learning more about citizen science organizations such as Project Budburst, Go Botany, and Audubon.  Explore the resources below to learn more and get started:

Background photo credit: Cherrie Corey