Henry Thoreau interests readers for many reasons – for his nature writing, his scientific observations of the natural world, his economy of self-reliance, his Transcendental philosophy, the stylistics of his prose, and his fascinating biography. His life and writing, therefore, allow readers to engage with many different areas of study. In other words, Thoreau is a great tool for an inter- and multi-disciplinary understanding of the world.

Concord’s Thoreau Trail

Concord’s Thoreau Trail, created by the Concord Museum, is a guide that provides a helpful gateway for exploring the various Thoreau-related sites and resources in Concord. Some of the sites include the Concord Museum, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, The Thoreau Society, The Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods, Thoreau Farm, Brister’s Hill, the Concord Free Public Library, and Walden Pond. Concord’s Thoreau Trail is a walking and observational tour that encourages you to learn more about the natural environment that Thoreau studied, as well as the rich history associated with the places where he lived and worked. Download a printable version of Concord’s Thoreau Trail (PDF).

Individual Contributors

Ray Angelo
Cherrie Corey – Sense of Place, Concord

Larry Warfield
Alice Wellington