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Emerson Family Barn Virtual Tour

January 27, 2021 5:00 PM — 5:45 PM


Welcome to the Emerson family barn! Take a virtual tour of the barn behind the Emerson’s Concord home with architectural historian, Anne Forbes; Concord Museum Curator, David Wood; and Bay Emerson Bancroft of the Ralph Waldo Emerson Memorial Association. See the hidden details of the historic barn, built in 1828 and newly re-opened after a comprehensive nine-month restoration project. Discover the ways that Emerson and his family used the barn – you might be surprised by what you’ll find in this gem of Concord history!

Please note that this program is virtual.

Donations are encouraged to support the Concord Museum’s Education initiatives.

In partnership with the Ralph Waldo Emerson Memorial Association.

Banner Image: Children and cow, 1924. Collection of Ralph Waldo Emerson Memorial Association.

Image: Ellen Emerson holding her donkey, Graciosa. The Letters of Ellen Tucker Emerson, Edith W. Gregg, ed. Vol. II, Page 219.


January 27
5:00 pm - 5:45 pm