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N.C. Wyeth’s Men of Concord

April 16, 2016 — September 18, 2016


N.C. Wyeth’s Men of Concord brought together, for the first time in nearly eighty years, the twelve original panels N.C. Wyeth painted for the book, Men of Concord and Some Others, as Portrayed in the Journal of Henry David Thoreau(1936). The exhibition also included charcoal drawings, watercolors, an additional artwork related to the series, including sketches created by Andrew Wyeth as illustrations for the book.

The exhibition was presented in collaboration with the Concord Free Public Library’s William Munroe Special Collections, which featured From Thoreau’s Seasons to Men of Concord: N.C. Wyeth Inspired in the Library Art Gallery. This exhibition explored N.C. Wyeth’s fascination with Henry David Thoreau – in Wyeth’s words, “the springhead for almost every move I can make” – by tracing the evolution of the book men of Concord from Wyeth’s initial inspiration for it in 1918 to its long-delayed but triumphant publication in 1936.